• 03.12.2018: Dr. Douglas Waples (Sirius Exploration Geochemistry Inc.): The hidden benefits of 1D (maturity) modeling


  • 09.07.2018: Andreas Acht (Project Manager, DEEP.KBB GmbH): Recent advantages in underground storage     Go to Report


  • 03.05.2018: Helge-Christian Beuthan (Vice-President Global Subsurface Evaluation, Wintershall): Decision making in the E&P industry     Go to Report


  • 29.06.2017: Oksana Zhebel (President German Section SPE, Zhebeloks GmbH): Interviewing and Application Processes in E&P    Go to Report


  • 30.11.2016: Matthias Heil (DEA): Field Development      Go to Report


  • 19.10.2016: Isabela Falk (Schlumberger, SPE Distunguished Lecturer 2016): Improving reservoir modeling simulation with seismic attributes      Go to Report


  • 14.04.2016: Matthias Meister (SPE Regional Director of South, Central and East Europe, Product Development Manager for logging-while-drilling tools at Baker Hughes Celle Technology Center, Germany)       Go to Report


  • 19.01.2016: Siegfried Müßig (President German Section SPE, Managing Director MT Oil Consulting): Production and Innovation in the Upstream Industry    Go to Report


  • 09.11.2015: Gerke Gersema (Mc Kinsey & Company): Energy Transition in Germany – quo vadis?    Go to Report


  • 22.07.2015: EAGE Distinguished Lecturer Program at RWTH University – Dr. Bastian Köhrer (Wintershall): Understanding Net Pay of Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs    Go to Report


  • 19.06.2015: “Geotag 2015” hosted by the institute for Reservoir Petrology and assisted by the SPE RWTH Aachen University Student Chapter:
  • Dieter Kaufmann (Wintershall): Re-development of abandoned Oil Fields
  • Johannes Böcker (RWTH): Petroleum Systems of the central Oberrheingraben
  • Jan Niederau (RWTH): Thermal Regimes in Sedimentary Basins, Influence of Uncertainty and Free Convection
  • Bianca Biehl (RWTH): Reservoir-Properties of Zechstein 2 (Ca2) Carbonates of the Lower Saxony Basin
  • Dr. Christian Bücker (DEA Deutsche Erdöl AG): Gas Hydrates as Future Source of Energy?
  • Dr. Axel Gillhaus (RWE Gasspeicher GmbH): The Role of Compressed Air-, Gas- and Hydrogen Reservoirs for Conventional- and Green Energy
  • Song Jie (RWTH) Hydromechanics of pumped-storage plants
  • Benjamin Busch (RWTH): Reservoir Heterogeneity Modeling for RQ – Prediction
  • Dr. Georg Bresser (Wintershall): Exploration Portfolio-Management and Decision Making in the E&P Industry
  • Timo Anders (Trianel): Monicipal Energy Supply: Near-Marked Management of Natural Gas Storage


  • 29.10. 2014: Sofie Nollet (Schlumberger): Exploration Geology in Petrel    Go to Report

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